Schleicher County Population by Age Groups, 2019

Compiled by
The County Information Program, Texas Association of Counties

The information contained in this report was obtained from the U. S. Census Bureau's Annual County Resident Population Estimates by Age, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2019. However, the percentages are from calculations by the County Information Program, Texas Association of Counties. For more information, contact the CIP at (512) 478-8753.

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Schleicher County Population Pyramid, All Ethnicities, as of July 1, 2019
Age 85 and Older:spacer0.00798611111111110.0072916666666667
Age 80-84:spacer0.00520833333333330.0125
Age 75-79:spacer0.0170138888888890.020138888888889
Age 70-74:spacer0.0288194444444440.023958333333333
Age 65-69:spacer0.0361111111111110.032638888888889
Age 60-64:spacer0.0270833333333330.029166666666667
Age 55-59:spacer0.0319444444444440.030208333333333
Age 50-54:spacer0.0277777777777780.027430555555556
Age 45-49:spacer0.0281250.031597222222222
Age 40-44:spacer0.0243055555555560.025694444444444
Age 35-39:spacer0.0364583333333330.032291666666667
Age 30-34:spacer0.0350694444444440.03125
Age 25-29:spacer0.0250.029513888888889
Age 20-24:spacer0.0236111111111110.023611111111111
Age 15-19:spacer0.03750.045833333333333
Age 10-14:spacer0.0482638888888890.039930555555556
Age 5-9:spacer0.0288194444444440.037152777777778
Age 0-4:spacer0.0256944444444440.025
  1. Blue represents males, red represents females.
  2. The Census Bureau uses definitions from the Office of Management and Budget for race and ethnicity. They are considered separate and distinct identities. Thus, all survey respondents are categorized by membership in one of two ethnic categories, which are "Hispanic or Latino" and "Not Hispanic or Latino" in addition to their race or races.
  3. Percentages calculated by dividing the number of individuals in each age/ethnic group by the total population of the county.
  4. Lack of a visible bar can occur (a) when there are no individuals in that age/ethnic group or (b) when the percentage is so small the result is a bar less than one pixel in width.
Data for the Schleicher County Population Pyramid, All Ethnicities, as of July 1, 2019
Age GroupNumber MalePercent MaleNumber FemalePercent Female
Age 85 and Older:230.80%210.73%
Age 80-84:150.52%361.25%
Age 75-79:491.70%582.01%
Age 70-74:832.88%692.40%
Age 65-69:1043.61%943.26%
Age 60-64:782.71%842.92%
Age 55-59:923.19%873.02%
Age 50-54:802.78%792.74%
Age 45-49:812.81%913.16%
Age 40-44:702.43%742.57%
Age 35-39:1053.65%933.23%
Age 30-34:1013.51%903.13%
Age 25-29:722.50%852.95%
Age 20-24:682.36%682.36%
Age 15-19:1083.75%1324.58%
Age 10-14:1394.83%1153.99%
Age 5-9:832.88%1073.72%
Age 0-4:742.57%722.50%
Total, All Ethnicities:1,42549.48%1,45550.52%