2020 Property Tax Rates and Levies for Special Districts in Van Zandt County

Compiled by
The County Information Program, Texas Association of Counties

The data in this report was obtained from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

2020 Special District Property Tax Rates and Levies

Special District IDNameTotal Market ValueTotal Taxable ValueNo-New-Revenue Tax RateVoter-Approval Tax RateM&O RateI&S RateTotal Tax RateLevy
107-201-15-234-234Trinity Valley Community College Dist **$306,864,139$163,809,510$0.129300$0.140100$0.138500$0.000000$0.138500$226,942
212-201-15-234-234Tyler Junior College District **$1,465,237,288$884,998,829$0.198200$0.210100$0.158000$0.041900$0.199900$1,769,343
234-201-40-234-234Van Zandt County ESD #1$264,068,642$149,717,482$0.035300$0.036900$0.040000$0.000000$0.040000$59,887
234-202-40-234-234Van Zandt County ESD #2$598,330,714$384,279,878$0.069200$0.071900$0.068000$0.000000$0.068000$261,310
234-203-40-234-234Van Zandt County ESD #3$1,109,589,645$591,776,450$0.071100$0.073800$0.077000$0.000000$0.077000$455,668
234-204-40-234-234Van Zandt County ESD #4$962,011,465$617,185,781$0.087900$0.099300$0.091300$0.000000$0.091300$563,491
234-201-10-234-234Van Zandt Road District *$6,538,106,440$3,531,695,529n/an/an/an/an/a$0


Special District ID
Identification number used by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts to track local entities that levy a proprty tax.
Total Market Value
Total market value before 10% cap on homestead appraisals. Includes the value of all totally exempt properties.
Total Taxable Value
Total taxable value for special district tax purposes.
No-New-Revenue Tax Rate
Used for comparison only, shows the tax rate that, if adopted, would bring in a tax levy approximately equsl to the prior year. Based on the values of proprtis that existed in the prior year as well as in the current tax year. Adjusted for changing debt obligations.
Voter-Approval Tax Rate
The calculated maximum rate allowed by law without voter approval.
M&O Rate
City tax rate for the Maintenance and Operations portion of the total tax rate.
I&S Rate
City tax rate for the Interest and Sinking portion of the total tax rate.
Total Tax Rate
Total special district tax rate. It includes the M&O Rate and the I&S Rate.
Actual total special district tax levy.