School District Property Tax Rates in Bell County

Compiled by
The County Information Program

The information contained in this report was obtained from The County Information Program's on-line database. The data contained in the database are obtained from official sources and are not the product of the CIP. The CIP, therefore, does not expressly or impliedly warrant the accuracy of the data. Questions regarding the accuracy, methodology, etc. should be directed to the original source of the information. The sources may be obtained from the CIP by contacting the County Information Program, Texas Association of Counties at (512) 478-8753.

School District201720182019202020212022
Academy ISD$1.353300$1.326700$1.249500$1.164800$1.367100$1.281000
Bartlett ISD$1.154680$1.154680$1.083800$1.094400$1.150000$1.354600
Belton ISD$1.603000$1.603000$1.465100$1.365100$1.357100$1.337100
Bruceville-Eddy ISD$1.325000$1.325000$1.223350$1.185500$1.151900$1.082466
Copperas Cove ISD$1.220000$1.220000$1.149650$1.128650$1.040920$1.019200
Florence ISD$1.370000$1.360000$1.300300$1.233900$1.123800$1.291900
Gatesville ISD$1.177000$1.177000$1.107000$1.164500$1.067000$1.054600
Holland ISD$1.435000$1.390000$1.349900$1.204100$1.192000$1.152000
Killeen ISD$1.110000$1.260000$1.161100$1.089500$1.043200$1.016600
Lampasas ISD$1.430000$1.430000$1.328350$1.314700$1.220300$1.202900
Moody ISD$1.361750$1.361800$1.284950$1.219600$1.219600$1.235901
Rogers ISD$1.341600$1.339600$1.237400$1.206900$1.239700$1.248000
Rosebud-Lott ISD$1.307400$1.307400$1.263000$1.135100$1.106500$1.089100
Salado ISD$1.223800$1.223800$1.470000$1.374700$1.372000$1.354600
Temple ISD$1.400000$1.400000$1.350900$1.283800$1.235300$1.220300
Troy ISD$1.290200$1.290200$1.361900$1.243400$1.203600$1.157900
  1. Tax rates are per $100.00 valuation. Please contact the Appraisal District for the most current information on school district tax rates and levies.
  2. School District boundaries are not maintained by the Texas Association of Counties.
  3. Districts are included in this list if any part of the district is within the county.
  4. Beginning with tax year 2018, the Texas Comptroller of Pulbic Accounts changed the format of local government ID numbers. Tax rates are reported based on the new District ID.