Special Districts in Hays County

Compiled by
The County Information Program, Texas Association of Counties

The information contained in this report was obtained from The County Information Program's on-line database. The data contained in the database are obtained from official sources and are not the product of the CIP. The CIP, therefore, does not expressly or impliedly warrant the accuracy of the data. Questions regarding the accuracy, methodology, etc. should be directed to the original source of the information. The sources may be obtained from the CIP by contacting the County Information Program, Texas Association of Counties at (512) 478-8753.

District IDSpecial District NameTotal Tax Rate, 2022Total Levy, 2022
105-209-04-105-105Anthem MUD$1.000000$413,742
227-201-15-105-105Austin Community College District$0.098700$15,980,400
105-210-04-105-105Buda MUD #1$0.600000$37,539
028-201-40-105-105Caldwell / Hays ESD #1$0.100000$681,133
105-206-04-105-105Crosswinds Municipal Utility District$0.900000$1,404,330
105-201-23-105-105Driftwood Conservation District$1.000000$498,835
105-201-48-105-105Driftwood Economic Development MD$0.150000$10,669
105-211-04-105-105East Hays County MUD #1$0.000000$0
105-205-19-105-105Greenhawe WCID #2$0.182000$1,052,160
105-201-51-105-105Hays County Development District #1$0.900000$2,187,180
105-207-40-105-105Hays County ESD #5$0.089500$6,315,010
105-204-40-105-105Hays County ESD #6$0.070200$7,912,030
105-208-40-105-105Hays County ESD #8$0.087600$6,220,810
105-209-40-105-105Hays County ESD #9$0.000000$0
105-203-04-105-105Hays County MUD #4$0.818400$1,671,940
105-201-04-105-105Hays County MUD #5$0.438000$2,735,710
105-201-19-105-105Hays County WCID #1$0.770000$4,669,250
105-204-19-105-105Hays County WCID #2$0.792000$5,012,600
105-205-04-105-105Headwaters MUD$0.900000$3,061,240
105-212-04-105-105LaSalle MUD #1$0.950000$0
105-213-04-105-105LaSalle MUD #2$0.950000$0
105-201-40-105-105North Hays County ESD #1$0.030000$3,379,860
105-202-04-105-105North Hays County MUD #1$0.708500$3,486,700
105-208-04-105-105North Hays County MUD #2$0.200000$583,229
105-202-40-105-105Northeast Hays County ESD #2$0.067400$4,787,280
028-202-06-105-105Plum Creek Underground Water District$0.015900$1,198,320
028-201-23-105-105Plum Creek Water Conservation District$0.016200$1,217,160
105-206-19-105-105Reunion Ranch WCID$0.685000$2,638,460
105-203-19-105-105South Buda WCID #1$0.750000$3,687,000
105-205-40-105-105South Hays County ESD #3$0.100000$1,634,090
105-207-04-105-105Springhollow MUD$1.000000$1,276,080
227-269-04-105-105Sunfield MUD #1$0.900000$4,086,280
227-271-04-105-105Sunfield MUD #3$0.900000$6,772,510
105-204-04-105-105Sunfield MUD #4$0.900000$242,984
105-206-40-105-105Wimberley ESD #4$0.053000$2,168,280
105-203-40-105-105Wimberley-Hays ESD #7$0.062000$2,682,100
094-201-09-105-105York Creek Water Improvement District$0.004800$80,096

Historic tax rates


  1. Special District tax data provided by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. At this time the Comptroller is no longer collecting property tax data on special districts. Therefore, the 2010 information is the most recent special district property tax data available and will remain posted in the hope that the Comptroller will once again begin collecting this data in the future. At that time this page will once again be updated as the data becomes available..
  2. Tax rates are per $100.00 valuation. Please contact the Appraisal District for the most current information on special district tax rates and levies.
  3. Special District boundaries are not maintained by the Texas Association of Counties. Some districts have boundaries that are the same as the county although most are smaller. Some districts extend into more than one county.
  4. Districts are included in this list if any part of the district is within the county AND they collected property taxes during the indicated year.
  5. Contact information: TAC does not maintain contact information for special districts! Contact Information is available for many, although not all, special districts from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). If you cannot find contact information for a special district at TCEQ, try contacting the Appraisal District.
  6. Maps and boundaries: TAC does not have access to special districts boundaries! The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) provides an online mapping application called the Water Utilities Map Viewer. For maps and boundaries of other special districts, try contacting the Appraisal District.
  7. *: An aserisk by the taxing unit name indicates that the appraisal district did not fully respond to the survey conducted by the Comptroller's Property Tax Assistance Division.
  8. **: A double asterisk by the taxing unit name indicates that it is a community college district that may collect a tax in some school districts under Education Code Chapter 130. This allows for a different tax rate for branch campuses in those school districts.